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A gentle guidance to inner peace and well-being

BodyCoaching points towards

• Body Awareness

• Mental Balance

• Spiritual Awakening

Regulation of the nervous system

When life has brought us into situations of grief, danger or fear, there might be a time where our system has been so overwhelmed that it is difficult to feel safe.

The starting point for a BodyCoaching session may be a concrete case of shock/trauma or an experience of recurrent discomfort in the body and mind.

Through caring guidance and listening to the body's signals, the nervous system is restored to its original balance with a new experience of inner peace and safety.

In a BodyCoaching session we draw from elements of

• The Dynamic of the Body

• SE-schock/Trauma Therapy

• Attachment-Patterns

• The Spiritual Dimension


I am an educated Relaxation therapist and SE-Practitioner

I lead the Silent Retreat Center in Assisi, Italy.

Here I also offer intensive individual retreats combined with BodyCoaching sessions.

I am also in Copenhagen, DK, several times a year.


Relaxation therapist (1982) School of BodyDynamics, Copenhagen

Energy therapist (1988) from Michael Barnett Energy University

The Diamond Logos Teaching (since 2002) by Faisal Muqaddam

Somatic-Experiencing Practitioner (2010) by Peter Levine and Diane Poole Heller

DARE Attachment Work (2010) by Diane Poole Heller

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